My Story

Hi, I’m Brian Rosenberg a licensed Montana outfitter and I work with people who love being outside, fly fishing, and the outdoors. I give them the tools to achieve their angling goals and gain confidence in their skills all while having loads of fun in the process.

Through my experience fly fishing on the Madison River and southwestern Montana, an in-depth knowledge of fly fishing, and a love of teaching I am here to help you reach your angling goals while making it contagious and fun!

I have 15 years of experience as a guide on the Madison River and almost 25 years of fly fishing experience. Thats roughly 1500 days on the Madison River. Dedication to my craft has established me as a top quality guide in southwestern Montana. I’ve been called “one of the most knowledgeable resources for any fly fishing topic” by a colleague, “one of the most entertaining, knowledgeable and professional guides around” and “a true professional” by clients.

Montana Fish Man Outfitting started as a dream of mine in early 2000. Back then, I had only been fly fishing for about 8 years. I was started on the path of fly fishing that would forever change my life by a wonderful high school teacher, mentor, and friend of mine John Seaman. John and his wife Joan were kind enough to invite me to visit them in Ennis, Montana during the summer of 1996. That was the first time I got to experience the Madison River and that was the year it could be said I was “hooked” on the idea of moving to Montana. Having fished since I was little kid with my dad and brother it was natural to feel the pull of the Madison River. Finding my first job in Montana was with the fly fishing shop Madison River Fishing Co were I was finally immersed in the world of fly fishing. The number of great fly fishing guides and anglers in the Ennis Montana area made this the perfect place for me as a budding angler and guide to end up. It’s not been easy although it has been tremendously rewarding. There is no better place to learn the craft of fly fishing and guiding than in Ennis, Montana. The names of these men and women may not be the legendary names everyone thinks of when fly fishing is brought up, but to me they are just as important. I started guiding in 2001 and have enjoyed every minute of it. With a thirst for knowledge all things angling and the quest to be the best fly fishing guide I could be, Montana Fish Man was born and I have continued to grow with the support of great friends, clients, and family.

  • I am in the business of fly fishing because I love it, live it, and I want to share it with others
  • Montana Fish Man uses only top quality guides that know the Madison River and area waters
  • Patience, hard work, knowledge and customer service are at the top of my list of requirements for guides
  • Montana Fish Man strives for customers to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident while spending the day with the guides
  • I understand that everyone has different goals and I will work 110% to meet those goals

When I’m not rowing my boat, guiding and teaching anglers or fishing for fun some of my other favorite things to do include…

  • Spending time at my vise and creating new fly patterns for fishing with customers and friends
  • I love my time training and hunting with my bird dogs, currently a Drahthaar
  • I love my time in the garden growing vegetables, flowers, and hanging with the chickens
  • I am an avid cook and spend my extra time in the winter in the kitchen when not at the vise
  • A cocktail on the porch watching the sunset, as long as there is not an evening hatch

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Brian Rosenberg


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