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My first Madison River trips in the books….

Hebgen Dam 1080 cfs Old Kirby Place 1090 cfs Varney Bridge 1180 cfs Lower Madison 1730 cfs It feels good to be back in the saddle again, the proverbial saddle that is. . It is a bit more of a tractor seat but that just does not have the same ring to it. Being in… Continue reading My first Madison River trips in the books….

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Madison River Gorge Update

Hebgen Dam 1080cfs Kirby Place 1100cfs Varney Bridge 1150cfs Lower Madison 1610cfs Just a quick update on the Madison Rivers gorge ice conditions. In the past 48 hours the Madison River has broken through the gorge ice that was sending the bulk of the river to the east of the main channel. The River was… Continue reading Madison River Gorge Update

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75 degrees warmer than it was three days ago

Hebgen Dam 910cfs Kirby Place 971cfs Varney Bridge 1050cfs Lower Madison 1470cfs Thats not really true. It was as cold as -32 a few nights ago in places around the madison valley and I believe it got to about 41 or 42 degrees today. Almost flip flop weather if not for the 3 feet of… Continue reading 75 degrees warmer than it was three days ago

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It seems like a long way away…

Hebgen Dam: 921cfs Old Kirby Place: 971cfs Varney Bridge: 1040cfs Lower Madison: 1130cfs   The sun is shining again in the Madison Valley. It has been about four or five days since we have seen a bright blue sky around here. Starting last Saturday the Madison Valley and Southwest Montana started to receive snow. A… Continue reading It seems like a long way away…