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Are you ready?

Hebgen Dam 663 cfs Old Kirby Place 1050 cfs Varney Bridge 1700 cfs Lower Madison 2550 cfs (this gauge hasn’t had fresh reading in two days) Both he Upper and Lower Madison rivers have seen drastically improving conditions over the past several days. Turbidity is decreasing along with the flow decrease. We have three plus… Continue reading Are you ready?

Brown Trout · Ennis, Montana · Madison River · madison valley · Montana · Runoff · Spring Fishing

Summer is Almost Here

Hebgen Dam 705cfs Old Kirby Place 1430cfs Varney Bridge 2820cfs Lower Madison 2990cfs Technically the official start of summer is something like June 20th but the last five or six days have felt like summer with temperatures getting into the mid 80’s. We had a rainy May and the Madison Valley is as green as… Continue reading Summer is Almost Here