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Madison River Fishing Report 8/28/19

Hebgen Dam 1110cfs Old Kirby Place 1100cfs Varney Bridge 1180cfs Lower Madison 1620cfs I’m going to do this fishing report thing kinda quick. It’s hopper season. Fish a hopper. Maybe add an ant or moth or beetle if you’d like to get fancy. Waters good, temps are good, fish are bigger and they’re plentiful. That’s… Continue reading Madison River Fishing Report 8/28/19

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75 degrees warmer than it was three days ago

Hebgen Dam 910cfs Kirby Place 971cfs Varney Bridge 1050cfs Lower Madison 1470cfs Thats not really true. It was as cold as -32 a few nights ago in places around the madison valley and I believe it got to about 41 or 42 degrees today. Almost flip flop weather if not for the 3 feet of… Continue reading 75 degrees warmer than it was three days ago


It’s official….

Hebgen Dam 900cfs Kirby 1010cfs Varney Bridge 1070cfs Lower Madison 1480cfs It’s been a little while since my last post. Ok, really let’s not kid around here, it’s been a very long time since my last post. I will spare you some sort self deprecating story about how I’m not good at this and get… Continue reading It’s official….


I Don’t Always Tie Big Streamers…

A guide friend and colleague of mine has been putting out some pretty awesome flies lately. By awesome I mean big, multiple articulated, often flashy streamers using a special “material” (more on that in a bit). Now this is not the kind of fly tying that I normally do. I’m a practical, often simple, pragmatic… Continue reading I Don’t Always Tie Big Streamers…


Facebook Fly of the Week 

Just wanted to remind everyone to head over to the Facebook page for this weeks fly of the week giveaway. Everyone is eligible to enter and the drawings are held every Sunday evening.  The winner will also get a hat and some stickers.  Thanks  MontanaFishMan


Madison River 1/25/2016

After getting off of work and realizing I was going to be sitting in front of my vise and then likely the computer for the bulk of the evening I thought it might be a good idea to take the dogs down to the Madison River and run and play and maybe see about catching… Continue reading Madison River 1/25/2016


Winter Fishing

The winter fishing on the Madison River has been fairly consistent as of late. With the colder days we are seeing some slush ice in the river but mostly it has remained clear. With the right gear and the right attitude a few hours of fishing this time of year can make for a great… Continue reading Winter Fishing